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Your Expert Network on AI Systems.

Universitas AI offers an innovative decentralized network for education and research on AI Systems. Invoking the lingua franca of Science, "Universitas" means the whole — or Universe. In modern English, Universitas means a whole that encompasses multiplicity as unity. By gathering together multiple forms of AI systems under a common banner, Universitas AI is contributing to a body of knowledge spanning varieties of AI systems across applications.

The first University was founded almost 1000 years ago in 1088 in Europe. In those days, grassroots students assembled to hire experts to teach subjects such as accounting and law — leading the first university faculties to assemble. Enter the era of AI systems, and demand for new bodies of knowledge, Universitas AI echoes this decentralized model, organizing on demand at the frontiers of Cognitive Computing.

Join the AI Revolution.

Universitas aims to revolutionize the knowledge enterprise based on a new foundation of Cognitive Computing. Across subject matters and professions, from the Arts to Sciences, AI Systems offer increased cognitive bandwidth that transforms how knowledge is advanced through research, how we learn, and how the arts are created.

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