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Reform R&D: New Foundations

Cognitive Computing: AI R&D


The first Universities were founded 1000 years ago in Italy. Since then, how human organize the knowledge enterprise has scarcely changed. It's time for an upgrade. 

The 21st century has witnessed an explosion of advances in AI that make Cognitive Computing possible. Artificial Neural Networks (ANN) vastly increase humanity's Cognitive Bandwidth. As an analogy, imagine what the wheel did for transportation. Simply put, with AI -- humans can reach further than ever before.

The wheel changed how human societies are organized -- and how they scale. Since those early advances, when it comes to transportation, it's never humans on foot, but a hybrid unit greater than the sum of its parts: humans on wheels.


As computation advances through the AI Revolution, think of Cognitive Computing like a Wheel for the Mind. Almost overnight, AI has become part of the fabric of daily life. Traditional research institutions treat AI as a specialty research topic housed in silos like Computer Science. Universitas wants to put research on wheels.

Universitas offers reform built on a backbone of the AI Revolution. We take AI as the starting point for expanding human potential moving forward. A new foundation spanning human knowledge -- from scientific inquiry, to the visual arts and design -- to enable a new Renaissance.

 Artificial Intelligence: A Cognitive Revolution 

Hybrid Cognition is the "New Normal."

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