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A Global AI Research Network

Universitas.Ai is a US based research institution and innovation network dedicated to Applied AI research. Built on Artificial Neural Networks (ANNs) and Deep Learning algorithms, AI and Cognitive Computing have come to define the next wave of the digital transformation. Almost overnight, AI has become part of the fabric of daily life. Yet traditional Higher Education treats AI as a specialty research topic housed in silos.


In contrast, Universitas.Ai takes Artificial Intelligence as the starting point for expanding human potential moving forward. From scientific inquiry, to the visual arts and design, Universitas.Ai equips learners and researchers to profit from the latest advances in AI across academia and industry. Through innovative industry facing micro credentials, such as the Nano Degree in Applied AI backed by nVidia, Universitas offers direct entry into quality AI learning.

Universitas Campus

Universitas is Latin, meaning "the whole, the world, the Universe."

Gallery: Universitas CEO Grogan & Jensen Huang, CEO nVidia;

Austin, TX; Los Angeles, CA; Server Room; Tel Aviv, Israel, San Francisco, CA


Advancing Peak Human Potential through Artificial Intelligence and Mixed Reality


Applied Artificial Intelligence


Applied AI Program




AI Art Studio

The Machine House

Universitas.Ai | GPU-Cloud

AI functions reside in the Cloud. GPU-Cloud Computing is one of Universitas' core Faculties of Artificial Intelligence.

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