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UNIVERSITAS accelerates AI research and education across verticals.

Join the AI Revolution.

Welcome to Universitas - Your Cognitive Cloud Hub.

Advancing Peak Human Potential through AI.

Universitas is a Hybrid Institution bridging the best of Academia and Industry.

Partner with us.

Support Open Source AI Research.

In the Age of AI ... 

Hybrid Cognition is the new Normal empowers researchers, artists and industry to unlock the power of AI.

Unleash the Cognitive Cloud across verticals to disrupt your Industry: Visual Computing, Hardware Design, Biotech & Health, Robotics & Fabrication, Finance, and Planetary Tech. 

Visual Computing

Hardware & Cloud

Biotech & Health

Robotics & Fabrication

Planetary Technologies


Your Cognitive Cloud Hub: 

Building a Library of Open Source AI Algorithms. is on a mission to empower humanity with new knowledge and tools through Cognitive Cloud Computing. 

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