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Cybertopia: Applied AI for Stellar Futures.

Metropolitan regions are the leading economic engines of global growth and incubators of great ideas. Global research centers, from Boston to the Bay Area, emerge in cities and communities that value innovation. By investing in R&D, these communities enjoy the fruits of innovation and prosperity. 

Universitas AI is proud to advance a signature research initiative in applications of AI to metropolitan data, design, and policy. Organized around the contours of metropolitan political economy, policy and design, the Stellar Cities Initiative fosters advanced collaborative research on improving metropolitan outcomes across key indicators based on global data sets, finely tuned AI models and simulations.


Universitas AI advances AI Research anchored in a mission to build a measurably better world. Recent breakthroughs in applied AI systems enable researchers to extract features and consolidate knowledge on best in class outcomes, policies, and local contextual case studies. The research output of SCI is designed to foster real-time, real-world solutions, contributing to a cognitive platform to augment design scenarios for optimal metropolitan futures.

Building Stellar Futures.

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