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 Accelerating AI Research, Education & Ventures.

Discover a Cognitive Universe.
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 The AI Revolution is here. 

Whether you're a Researcher looking to Go To Market, a Business leader looking for AI Solutions, or a Community looking to enrich the Venture Ecosystem, Universitas is here to empower you.

 Because Humanity + AI > AI.

Are you ready for the Age of Intelligent Machines? 

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 It's been 1000 years since the first Universities were invented.

The Renaissance followed.

Time for an upgrade? We thought so.

 Bridging Academia & Industry 

Connect Cognitive Tech across Industry Verticals. 


 Visual Computing

 Hardware & Cloud

 Biotech & Health

 Robotics & Fabrication

 Space & Planetary


Join us on a Mission to accelerate AI Research, enhance AI Literacy, and advance AI Ventures.

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