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 Accelerating AI Research, Education & Ventures.

Join the AI Revolution. 

A Research Institution for the Intelligent Machine Age.

 It's been 1000 years since the University was invented in Italy.

The Renaissance followed. 


Time for an upgrade? We thought so.

Visual Computing

Hardware & Cloud

Robotics & Fabrication

Biotech & Health

Cities & Political Economy

Planetary Scale Computation

Humanity + AI > AI.

Ready to upgrade? 

Cognitive Computing

Mainframes to PCs to Mobile - to Cognitive.

 Explore AI Verticals & Foundations. 

Whether you're a Researcher looking to Go To Market, a Business leader looking for AI Innovations applied to your vertical, or a Community looking to enrich the AI Ecosystem with AI upskilling, UNIVERSITAS.AI is here to empower you with Cognitive Computing.

 Because Humanity + AI > AI.

Ready to upgrade? 

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