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 AI Literacy 

In the last century, Computing has undergone a revolution from mainframes to PCs, Mobile, the Cloud — and now Cognitive.


Universitas AI is built on a foundation of Cognitive Computing to accelerate the knowledge enterprise. The AI curriculum is emerging out of partnership with Industry and Academia across foundational areas and applications. AI Systems are built on Artificial Neural Networks (ANNs) trained on data. Specialized neural algorithms enable powerful synthetic cognitive capacities.


Foundational AI Areas can be organized according to function, with categories corresponding to cognitive faculties: Language, Vision, Executive Function, Motor skills, and the ability to learn through trial and error or incentives etc. Applications of neural algorithm enable a new form of computing — Cognitive Computing. This includes Natural Language Processing (NLP), Computer Vision, AIoT Robotics (Edge), Reinforcement Learning, and Deep Learning.

Learn from Industry

Universitas AI is working with Industry and Educators to consolidate a body of knowledge on AI Systems and advance AI Literacy. In the coming months, Universitas will support a series of Educational Webinars on AI Systems, workshops, and development of tools for Education and Research. Additional publications will advance the public discourse on AI Systems for Research and Education.

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