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Bridging Industry & Academia


Connecting education and industry, Universitas AI is a hybrid research institution. In place of traditional subject areas, the knowledge enterprise is organized on faculties of Cognitive Computing: Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing, Cyber-Physical Systems (Edge) and Cloud Computing. Pragmatic in approach, these models are channeled toward productive applications of AI across Industry Verticals.

The signature research initiative of Universitas AI anchors applications of AI in the service of enabling a better world. Established in 2023, the Stellar Cities Initiative (SCI) organizes research and programs engaging global data sets, fine tuned AI models and simulations to optimize urban design futures.

 Foundation Research: 

- Neural Network Algorithm Architecture

- Neuromorphic Hardware

- Domain Specific Language Models

- Multi-Agent Simulations

- Human Computer Interaction (HCI)

 AI Research Areas: 

- Stellar Cities

- Multimodal AI for Education

- Protein Synthesis (In Silico)

- Generative Arts: VFX & Music

- Social Entrepreneurship

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