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Universitas fosters applied and foundation research in Artificial Intelligence. Building on established AI faculties in the core areas of  Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing (NLP), Cyber-Physical Systems (Edge) and GPU-Cloud Computing, Universitas seeks to accelerate development of the Cognitive Cloud.


As part of its mission, Universitas seeks partners in industry and philanthropy to develop research clusters in applied and foundation areas of AI. Leveraging our network of AI researchers and industry contacts, Universitas invites contributions to build a distributed research network and mechanism for funding external researchers to build open-source AI tools. Contributions may be general in nature or assigned to a specific area.


Reseach Network Grant Areas:

- Neural Network Algorithms

- Neuromorphic Hardware

- Large Language Models (LLM)

- Human Computer Interaction (HCI)

- Protein Synthesis

- Inference

- Generative Arts, Music & VFX

- Social Entrepreneurship


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